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Keep program running after logout with nohup


One can use nohup to make sure a program keep running even after logout.

The output written to standard output and standard error will be written to the nohup.out file in the current directory.

Run a command with nohup

To run a command with nohup:

nohup COMMAND &

For example:

nohup ls /tmp &

Run a script file with nohup

Assume you have a script file run.sh, you can run the script with nohup:

nohup sh run.sh &

Run several commands with nohup

You can also run several commands with nohup. For example, if you want to create archives of several large directories data1, data2, and data3:

nohup sh -c " \
  tar -cjf data1{.tar.bz2,} ; \
  tar -cjf data2{.tar.bz2,} ; \
  tar -cjf data3{.tar.bz2,} ; \
  " &