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Installing OpenBSD on Oracle Cloud


This article describes the steps of installing OpenBSD on Oracle Cloud.

Create compute instance

OpenBSD 7.2 (amd64) can boot on Oracle Cloud. Create a computer instance. This article assumes an instance of VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro shape with Ubuntu 22.04 image is used for the installation.

Boot from installation image

Connect to the compute instance over SSH. Download the installation image, for example, miniroot72.img, then write the installation image to the disk:

curl -O 'https://cdn.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/7.2/amd64/miniroot72.img'

# As root:
# sudo su -l
dd if=miniroot72.img of=/dev/sda

Launch Cloud Shell connection. Once the connection is ready, reboot the instance.

In the boot prompt, configure the active console device to com0:

set tty com0

Install OpenBSD

Continue the installation as per described in the official installation guide. To initialize the disk:

fdisk -gy -b 960 sd0

Full disk encryption works as expected.

The installer asks whether com0 should be used as the default console device. According to testing, it is not necessary. Note that when booting the kernel to single-user, com0 should be used, otherwise (again, according to testing) the boot screen would hang at some point.